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Conversologie Presents

The Conversologist Show

Where we talk about the art and science of conversations in the digital space.

We know that technology can be a powerful enabler in the customer journey, from marketing to customer service but communication and emotional connection still need to be at the core.

About The Conversologist

How do technology and human exchange affect our experience in the digital space? 

This is the core question we’d like to answer in this show through a series of thought-provoking episodes. 

With the myriad of channels and technologies for us to communicate, genuine and effective dialogue is at a decline and we want to change that. 

We’d like you to join because we believe that open conversation moves us all forward. 



Chief Conversologist & Host



Sr. Conversologist & Co-Host

Recent Episode

A Chat with a Chatty Chatbot Chatpreneur

Matthew Barker is a self-titled “chatpreneur” in Reno, Nevada. His mission: to deliver the gospel of chatbots to the small to medium business.

Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer chats to the very chatty Matthew about his philosophy of life, pitching with no pitch, coffee shops, and of course chatbots. 

Season 1, Episode 12    |   36 mins

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