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Season 1, Episode 4 | 18:30min

Questions from Hootsuite – Building a Social Media Organisation

23 May 2019 | Social Media

How do I identify my target audience?

Should we get a chatbot?

How do I convince my client that conversational marketing is the way to go?

When Hootsuite came to Auckland on May 20th,  Jam Mayer was invited to speak in the panel discussion. There were many questions, and not everything got answered.

This episode we tackle some of those questions, and give our perspective. If you’re a busy social media manager, small business operator, if you’re time-poor like the rest of us and trying to get the best ROI from your social, this episode of The Conversologist podcast is for you.

Episode Conversation

Questions that were answered:

  • Can you have a successful social platform for a brand, without owned content – or without a budget to create content?
  • Can you share a customer’s image, with a sales message caption?
  • Do chatbot based replies make a difference when customers are expecting immediate responses?
  • Should we set up a chatbot for an out-of-hours response?
  • How do you identify your target audience if you’re a bed business owner, and maybe have a large variety of customers
  • We’re a digital agency. Our clients are very focused on the ROI, not the conversational nature of social. How should we help them understand content?
  • How does a small service-oriented business create content at scale, within the limits of time and cost?

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