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Season 1, Episode 10 | 48 mins

A Conversation with a Black Ops Operative

20 Jul 2019 | Chatbots

Hillary Black is Head of Strategy and Content at Black Ops, a leading Detroit-based Chatbot agency.

Their work in conversation design and automation platforms is considered cutting edge, and Hillary as a thought leader in the industry.

In this episode, Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer talks to Hillary about the daily life and challenges of a conversation designer, essential tools, techniques and insights, and even tips on how to get started as a conversation designer.

Hosts & Guests

Jam Mayer

Hillary Black

Episode Conversation

Topics that were discussed:

  • A day in a life of a Conversation Designer
  • Thoughts on making a chatbot more ‘human’
  • Basic tools of a Conversation Designer
  • The skills that companies expect when hiring one and where should they go to learn the craft
  • Biggest challenge that a Conversation Designer face

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