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Clubhouse: The Next Big Thing in Audiocasting

Clubhouse is the new player in social media. 

An invitation-only, audio-only app, where members address the room “live” from a virtual stage, Clubhouse sounds good, at least in theory. Forums, discussions groups, virtual talks and even concerts.

In this episode of The Conversologist, Jam Mayer and Rew Shearer chew the fat on audio’s pros and cons, the culture shift of social media, and first impressions of a new social media app.

Season 2, Episode 14    |    26 mins

The Conversologist Has Evolved

The Conversologist Has Evolved

The art of digital engagement is changing fast; but so are we, in the ways we use it and the expectations we have. Jam reflects on the changes, challenges faced by digital marketers and also on those truths that remain unchanged.

Why Do We Hate Chatbots?

Why Do We Hate Chatbots?

Chatbots were predicted to be the hype of the coming decade. So why the push-back, why the hate – or is it fear? Is it user ignorance, bad experiences, or something else?

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