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A Chat with a Chatty Chatbot Chatpreneur

Matthew Barker is a self-titled “chatpreneur” in Reno, Nevada. His mission: to deliver the gospel of chatbots to the small to medium business.

Chief Conversologist Jam Mayer chats to the very chatty Matthew about his philosophy of life, pitching with no pitch, coffee shops, and of course chatbot entrepreneurship. 

Season 1, Episode 12    |    36 mins

A Guide to AI Chatbots

How does AI even work? What is NLP? LUIS? Dialogflow? Watson? What is machine learning? Once you get beyond the simple rule-based chatbot, things get interesting.

The Conversologist Has Evolved

The art of digital engagement is changing fast; but so are we, in the ways we use it and the expectations we have. Jam reflects on the changes, challenges faced by digital marketers and also on those truths that remain unchanged.

Why Do We Hate Chatbots?

Chatbots were predicted to be the hype of the coming decade. So why the push-back, why the hate – or is it fear? Is it user ignorance, bad experiences, or something else?

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