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Season 1, Episode 13 | 34 mins

A Guide to AI Chatbots

23 Aug 2019 | Chatbots

How does AI even work? What is NLP? LUIS? Dialogflow? Watson? Lex? What is machine learning? What about IOT?

Once you get beyond the simple rule-based chatbot, things get interesting. And talented guys like Andy Dharmani of get busy.

In this episode of The Conversologist Podcast, Jam Mayer talks to Conversologie’s tech partner Andy about chatbots, AI, NLP, intent, entities, digital humans and more.

Hosts & Guests

Jam Mayer

Andy Dharmani

Episode Conversation

Topics that were discussed:

  • What is an AI Chatbot?
  • NLP, NLG, LUIS? What are these acronyms and jargon?
  • How do you train a chatbot?
  • What is machine learning?
  • What are digital humans?
  • What’s the state of New Zealand’s AI chatbot industry?

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