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Season 1, Episode 5 | 24min

The Personality in Chatbot Marketing, Why It’s More Than Just a Pretty Face

30 May 2019 | Chatbots

Chatbots are commonplace in business and marketing, covering everything from brand awareness, to customer service, to online sales.

Most chatbot conversation designers will agree an effective chatbot needs a personality. But nearly always, ‘personality’ means a name, a face, and not much else.

This week we talk chatbot personalities, skeuomorphism and the key to true customer engagement.

Episode Conversation

Topics that were discussed:

  • Chatbots should have a personality for branding and consistency as a digital employee
  • How developed should the personality be? How far do you go?
  • The importance of “remembering the positive experience” when engaging with a chatbot
  • It isn’t just a name or a photo
  • What is chatbot fatigue?
  • Elements of Humanising a Chatbot

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