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Season 1, Episode 11 | 23 mins

Now we’re Talking! Voice is the New Buzz

3 Aug 2019 | Social Media, Chatbots

When Apple released its voice interface in late 2011, watching somebody shouting at their phone repeatedly was good comic relief. Many of us would wait for a quiet moment alone before daring to ask our phone a question.

Today, via the likes of Alexa and Siri, more and more of us are confidently using voice as our UI. Searching, calling, composing and sending messages, an interface that is arguably the most natural we have.

More than half of India’s Internet users are doing it. Voice search is seeing massive growth in Asia – India, China, and Indonesia being the top three. And importantly, voice is used more by the younger generation: under 35s are leading the change.

Why should we be listening to the talk about voice? What are the threats? What are the opportunities? What does it mean for the UX writer or chatbot developer?

In this episode Rew Shearer and Jam Mayer touch on the topic. And why not? Podcast is the new blog.

Episode Conversation

Topics that were discussed:

  • Hootsuite Q3 2019 Global DIgital Statshot
  • Digital trends and the move to mobile
  • Alexa and Siri for voice command and search
  • Google Search, SEO and Answer box
  • Voice bots and conversation design
  • Human voice and nuance
  • Voice technology

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